SEO Marathon Tips

Tips for SEO strategy that will keep bringing relevant users over time.

SEO Marathon Tips

All internet marketers use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in their routine tasks, but many do not realize the importance of being creative and innovative. No doubt, the basics are extremely vital, like Keyword Research, Back-linking, Title Tags and Meta Description Tags etc. But, and that’s a big BUT, there are some techniques that will help you make the extra mile and attain better results.
As the title suggests, these tips will be helpful as an overall SEO Strategy and will bear exponential benefits over time. Let’s go through them:

Write Relevant Content

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Relevant Content is the key, as it helps the search engine index your website against that information. E.g. if you want to improve ranking of your website for “lawyer related services”, then writing content related to legal services will ensure that the right target audience is reached.

Identify keyword phrases for your content and then repeat that phrase several times throughout the page. Once or twice in the opening and closing paragraph and 4 to 5 times more throughout the content, but don’t overdo it.

Update your content regularly. Frequently updated content is observed as one of the greatest pointers for website relevancy, so make sure to keep it updated regularly. And don’t forget to use bold and italic headings for your selected keyword phrase.

Write for Users, not Search Engines

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Write your content for users not Google, or any other search engine for ranking. Keyword stuffing (use of excessive and unnecessary keywords) destroys the purpose of your post; Search Engines and Users both are negatively affected by keyword stuffing. Stick to your topic. Try not to stray away or stuff too many ideas that aren’t relevant to the topic at hand.

When you provide useful content, visitors tend to stay longer on your website and therefore it improves SEO ranking. Remember, nobody will read your content if it doesn’t contain beneficial and targeted information.

Write for Bookmarking

When people like your content and find it useful for future, they tend to bookmark it. According to several researches, bookmarking boosts up SEO ranking.

Bookmarking can also indicate a sense of trust and respect for the website and its content.

Increase Page Loading Speed

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Google and Bing both detect website page loading speeds and reflect it into their search ranking. A site loading speed impacts directly on search engine ranking and it tends to convert guests into customers.

Users may leave your website if they have to wait for just an extra second; Aside from losing your potential customer, your website also loses its SEO ranking. Amazon once estimated that 1 second increase in page loading speed would cost the company a loss of $1.6 billion dollars per/year.

There are many ways to increase page loading speed e.g. by caching plug-ins, using clean and streamlined code, optimizing image sizes, reducing number of plugins, deferred loading of non-essential code, compression etc.

A developer or designer is most suited to these tasks, but in doing so you make sure your website is not penalized in search rankings.

Social Media Sharing

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Sharing your SEO posts on social media is beneficial for your site ranking in more ways than one. Some social media plugins allow you to see where your content is being shared which can be used to find out from where your content is getting attention.

Social media, besides increasing your SEO ranking, can also be used as a marketing tool. People who find your post interesting and helpful would definitely share which can help in generating traffic to your website thus improving SEO ranking.

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