Agile Leaf (Company Background) and Introduction to Restaurant Management System

Company Background and introduction to Point of Sale and Restaurant Management System


Agile Leaf is a Software Solutions company. We are adept in Application Development, Web Apps, Marketing & Design. Of late, we have focused our efforts in developing customized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for small & large companies.

Due to these efforts we realized and identified a set of common problems faced by many businesses in Pakistan. Thus we created a new department Agile Leaf Point of Sale (Agile Leaf POS). Soon, we identified a subset of POS customers, restaurant owners, who could benefit from a specialized software which in its essence is still a POS, but has numerous other features suited for restaurant environments.

Agile Leaf POS exclusively deals with Point of Sales (POS) and Restaurant Management Systems (RMS). In this series of articles, we are going to discuss RMS & POS in general and also the software developed by our company.


“To provide quality software services and products in a simple and easy way by ensuring maximum benefits to the end-user”.

Current Objectives:

  1. To improve our products (RMS and POS included) based on customer feedback.
  2. To make a simple product great and make it easy to use.
  3. Integration of restaurant management system in operational activities to improve their efficiency.
  4. To introduce additional features in the restaurant management system for improvement in data analytics capabilities.
  5. Development of a diversified workforce for the achievement of objectives in the highly competitive food industry of Pakistan.
  6. Development of new technology-based tools for start-ups and large enterprises.
  7. Encouraging the culture of innovation to achieve excellence.

Future objectives:

  1. Agile Leaf POS plans to introduce the restaurant management system to other emerging markets around the globe.
  2. Development and introduction of a free tier model (With Limited Functionality) for the online users of the restaurant management system.
  3. The company plans to achieve a sustainable market share in the restaurant management industry.

Team members and their contributions:

Asad Jibran Ahmed: Co-Founder. Based in Dubai. Worked for several big companies: Dubizzle, Just Property. Has written a book on Django, Python. Python Expert.

Abid Suleman Ahmed: Co-Founder. Based in Pakistan. Has been part of several startups. Proficient Full Stack Developer.

Harris Javed: Financial Analyst & Content Writer. Has collaborated with companies and individuals around the world in obtaining and analyzing financial data.

Agile POS Vision for the Future:

‘The company plans to invest a large amount of financial capital on R&D activities to introduce new improvements in the restaurant management system (RMS)’.

Introduction to RMS; A Management System for Restaurants:

Agile Leaf POS has introduced a new product known as a restaurant management system (RMS). It is considered as a dynamic and simple system for the completion of controlling and monitoring activities in the restaurant’s environment. The innovative perspective of the RMS can be judged from the fact that the system is compatible to work with any kind of electronic gadget.

The R&D department of Agile Leaf POS has developed the system by considering the compatibility factor because every restaurant owner is not ready to invest high financial capital on supporting high-end software and hardware. Therefore, the scope of the restaurant management system is to perform the tasks and responsibilities and even high complexed functions through the simple configuration of basic hardware. The RMS helps to conduct data analytics by collecting useful data. Security features are introduced to ensure that authorized
personnel gets access to the relevant information. Reports are generated based on the collected data and higher management of the company can make useful decisions regarding the company’s operational and investment activities based on the information identified the generated reports.

Introduction to POS (Point of Sale) for Stores, Pharmacies and Other Specific Businesses:

Agile Leaf also offers an open-source point of sale (POS) system, customized for local businesses such as; stores, pharmacies, and restaurants. Agile Leaf POS has the research and policy to develop systems to meet the requirements of specific businesses and help them achieve sustainable growth. While RMS is suited more towards restaurants, POS is target towards general stores, small cafes, and any other retail outlet. Hence, separate products are offered by Agile Leaf for different nature of businesses. Agile Leaf’s customer services department is available throughout the business hours to handle the queries of customers.

An Introduction to Features of Restaurant Management System (RMS):

The talented  and enthusiastic team of Agile Leaf POS is successful to introduce innovative features in the restaurant management system to meet the demands of
customers. RMS consists of data collection features, inventory management plugins, and data analytics features to evaluate the collected data. The RMS helps businesses to generate reports based on the collected data. Hence, RMS enables owners to make effective business decisions.
Agile Leaf POS strongly believes in the fact that data-driven innovative approaches are required to develop compatible products and services for the achievement of sustainable competitive advantage.

Why There is a need for this kind of Restaurant Management System

As we all know that the economic growth of Pakistan has suffered a setback in recent years. Generally, there is a perception that businesses' profitability and revenues have got affected and it has become almost impossible to attract new customers. Therefore, restaurant owners require a Restaurant Management System (RMS) with lots of technological features at a reasonable price range. The RMS offered by Agile POS enables the restaurant owners to track the sales through
user-friendly and simple order management feature, inventory management becomes relatively easy even for an individual with no technical background, data is collected in a structured way and system also provides support to manage the employees. The high-tech RMS does require an investment in supporting software, hardware, and even for the training of human resources. All these costs are covered in the monthly subscription and everything is handled by our team.

Why Agile POS is Different from Competitors?

The other competitors in the market are offering different kinds of Restaurant Management Systems; while some of the features may be similar but Agile RMS excels in user-friendliness and extracting useful information from raw data. Our team managed to develop  a system that offers high-end data analytics features in the simplest way possible. The reports generated by the restaurant management system helps to identify the key trends related to customers and business.

The generated reports provide detailed information about every aspect of the sale and the use of graphics and visuals to display patterns, facts, and significant statistics further help to understand the impact of current activities on the future objectives. Hence, restaurant owners can use RMS of Agile Leaf POS to develop future policies and also for the introduction of new innovative changes in current adopted practices and policies to ensure that sustainable profits and revenues
are achieved in the competitive and growing food industry of Pakistan.